Welcome to Mentors, Inc., Students!

An adult mentor is a non-judging guide who will be there for you, help you discover strengths and abilities, help you develop the confidence to reach your dreams, and help you do things you’ve never done before.  Our students often say they want a mentor to help them get into college, talk through life’s challenges, build leadership skills, hang out around common interests, etc.  All of our students have one thing in common - MOTIVATION! They are motivated to be in a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a professional adult mentor for at least one year. We hope you will be motivated today to start your mentoring journey through high school graduation and beyond!

Our 4-Step Enrollment Process

1. Apply
⎯    Be enrolled in grades 9-12 in a Washington, D.C. public or charter school.
⎯    Be self-motivated to participate for at least one year.
⎯    Complete an application and submit it.

2. Attend a Parent-Student Orientation (PSO)
⎯    Sign up for the next PSO.
⎯    Attend the PSO with your parent or guardian to learn about the program.
⎯    Sign agreement forms.

3. Interview
⎯    Schedule a one-on-one interview with our staff.
⎯    Come to the Mentors, Inc. office on time for your interview.

4. Training- Participate in a 3-hour training to prepare you for a quality mentoring relationship.

What to Expect Once You're Matched ...

We’ll match you with a mentor based on your preferences and then invite you to a Match Party, where you'll meet your new mentor and other newly matched pairs for the first time.  The mentor, student and parent or guardian are invited to meet one-on-one, talk about goals and expectations, and plan out and schedule the first year of Mentoring Road Map activities.  You'll agree to the mentoring program rules:  

  • Communicate with your mentor by phone weekly for a minimum of one year
  • Spend face-to-face time with your mentor at least 5-8 hours each month
  • Report monthly to share how the relationship and Mentoring Road Map are progressing 
  • Participate in the Mentoring Road Map (see Resource document below) enrichment activities around academic planning, exploration of college and career, and personal development as the focus of your mentoring journey
  • Graduate from high school, with a plan for what comes next!

You will have other resources to help you get the most out of the experience.

  • New Match Training:  The first match outing with your mentor will be the New Match Training, to help you complete the Mentoring Road Map plan, and learn about creating a quality match relationship.
  • Mentoring Road Map Events:  We'll host career site visits and college tours, train your mentor to help you with academic planning and monitoring, and make suggestions for personal development, all to help fill out your Mentoring Road Map for the year.  You will also be assigned to a Tribe Adventure group, a group of matches that have an outing together each year.
  • Social Outings:  You and your mentor design your own activities together around the Mentoring Road Map, but we also host a few social events throughout the year.  Most are free!
  • Event Tickets:  We receive donated tickets for Wizards games, Wolf Trap, and other surprises.  Be on the lookout for email alerts for these first come-first served opportunities.
  • Graduation Party: Each year we host a May Graduation Celebration for graduating seniors. Mentors and non-graduating protégés are also invited to the party to celebrate and anticipate the upcoming milestone for their own lives.
  • Ambassadorships:  You can volunteer in other ways, such as helping staff lead trainings for students, or working to gain community service hours.

Our program works best for students who are self-motivated to have a mentor, want to graduate from high school and have a plan for next steps, and are willing to communicate regularly with an adult and persist in a one year mentoring relationship.  If this sounds like you, get started on your mentoring journey today!  Complete our online STUDENT INTEREST FORM and contact Program Manager Kaitlin Ewen at 202-227-8961 or with questions.