Shalonda: Staying on Path

Shalonda and her family experienced the hard realities of homelessness, moving five times during Shalonda’s senior year.  School helped keep her mind off of those challenges.  According to Shalonda, her mentor did not create the drive and determination which she possesses; however, her mentor was able to encourage, support, offer perspective, listen, and expose Shalonda to new experiences.  “I was on the right path but I needed extra motivation because at times I would doubt myself. However, my mentor’s kind words of encouragement motivated me to not give up… I understand that attending college will provide many more obstacles; however, I will meet these obstacles head on because with the help of my mentor’s influences I have become a stronger person.”  The pair has developed a mutual admiration for each other, and like many mentoring pairs, will stay in touch as Shalonda navigates the exciting universe of college life.