ALUMNI: Ni’matul-ain Muhammad (‘10)

(A letter from Mentors, Inc. class of '10 alumna, and 2014 college graduate!)

Dear Mentor’s Inc.

Four years ago I was awarded a scholarship from your organization and I would like to thank you
for the donation you provided to fund my education. I do not come from a wealthy family so I
work hard to receive scholarships to pay for my education. Receiving the Mentor’s Inc. Award is
a tremendous honor. I have big plans for the future and the education I receive at Morgan State
has helped me along. Some of my goals are to open a historically black art college and show
people how to use their creativity to do positive things. This has been a passion of mine for a
while now. My most important goal is to become a producer to help me communicate my ideas
to the world.

Lately I’ve been getting inspired by studying science so temporarily I have looked into
engineering. I even went to Florida for an internship where I met a few engineers. While there I
also became a certified scuba diver, studied sea life, and made a video documentary about the

Without your help I’m not sure I could have had such an enlightening and financial stress free
journey through my secondary education. Once again I deeply appreciate your generosity.


Ni’matul-ain Muhammad