Shelly Mulkey is Assistant Attorney General for the District of Columbia, and is taking her mentoring role seriously!  She has had seven meet-ups in three months with Emoni (her protégé): they’ve enjoyed the Cherry Blossom festival, jammed at the WMZQ country music festival, cheered at Washington Nationals baseball, gone to the circus and dined at various restaurants… just as new matches should. 

Shelly has a “yes” spirit, agreeing to serve as guest presenter for our annual celebration just months after becoming a volunteer.  Inquisitive about our best practices and our focus on 9th grade student recruitment, she is also interested in service on our Board of Directors and the greater responsibility around advancing the mission. 

She became a mentor to help a young person succeed in educational pursuits, and for the most rewarding part:  “I love seeing my protégé smile!”