JB and Trevaughn: If At First You Don’t Succeed

What happens when mentoring matches don’t work as planned?  We matched JB with one student, and then another, with both ending prematurely due to the first student being arrested and the second student not being motivated enough to maintain the relationship.  Staff were troubleshooting all along the way to help understand, counsel, manage expectations, and ultimately close the matches.  While this is not usual, it’s not unheard of.  Both relationships ended before they had time to take root, and by December 2012 the second match had closed. 

But by the next month, we had matched JB with Trevaughn, and JB was very excited to be rematched.  We were all hopeful… and Jevaughn was ready!  The pair attended the Mentors, Inc. Wizards Game Night basketball event together and Trevaughn has attended our Protégé Success Program workshop sessions since joining our program.  They communicate regularly, spend time together, and are moving positively and enthusiastically on their mentoring journey.  We look forward to seeing them grow as a pair. 

We appreciate when mentors remember what they learned in training – that sometimes teenagers think they are ready for the mentoring relationship, but once in, discover they are not.  We commend JB for persevering and sticking with his mentoring promise.