It’s a Match!

You’ve been wondering what it would be like to have a mentor for a while now.  Every month at Mentors, Inc., a few new students meet their mentors for the first time at our office Match Party, where we play a few games to warm us all up, then get down to the business of setting a few goals between the mentors and their protégés.  New matches decide what days they will talk every week, when they’ll spend face-to-face time monthly, and what the protégé (that’s what we call our teen mentees) wants to get out of the mentoring relationship.

To remember the excitement of the Match Party, we end with a photo, and the new pairs can’t help but act up and act out, showing their real personalities as they enter this new mentoring relationship – which is about being real with each other.

How to attend a match party?

  1. Apply to the program first!
  2. Attend a parent-student orientation
  3. Interview

And you’ll be saying, “It’s a match!” too.