Christina: Mentoring Full-Circle

Christina (left, pictured with her mother) is a shining example of the full-circle we dream of when we pair D.C. teens with mentors.  Almost 17 years ago, she joined Mentors, Inc. as a student.  She recalls then as being uncertain about her future, and while she had a supportive family, there were few resources to help her chart her path.  Mentoring helped her realize the world was a big place filled with opportunities, and there were big opportunities for her. 

Fast forward to two years ago, and Christina became a mentor to one of our teens, giving back to move another teen forward.  At the same time, she was appointed to our governing board, with fiduciary and guide responsibility for the organization.  And, she took on the role of advocate and champion, joining staff at events to share the mission and her personal journey.  Now an executive MBA student at Georgetown University, and an independent consultant with 12 years of marketing and communications experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, she has a personal journey and personal energy that inspires all who meet her.