Asif and Andrew: Working it Out

What can happen in the first six months of a mentoring relationship? Many jump right in like best buddies and begin having fun experiences together.  For Asif and Andrew, the relationship’s growth had been slow and stilted. Andrew was frustrated with the lack of movement and was not sure of Asif’s interest in having a mentor.  Asif was not sure about his role in building the relationship.  

But mentoring can have “fits-and-starts” before easing into a groove.  Staff advised Andrew to have a serious conversation with Asif about each other’s expectations, and the conversation was well received by Asif.  The pair agreed on one thing:  Asif would make the next move, calling his mentor if and when he felt ready to engage.  It took almost three weeks, but Asif called Andrew for the first time!  Andrew was certain a breakthrough had occurred and together they are making plans. 

Some matches start with fireworks, others with a slow fizzle.  All take work!