ALUMNI: Morgaine (M) and Selina (P)

A letter from mentor alumna Morgaine:

When I met Selina in the late 1980s, I was involved in the career of commercial real estate. As I look back, 27 years later, with all the benefits of hindsight, I can see that the mentoring opportunity was the beginning of me saying YES to my ultimate passion and life purpose-- the development of people. 

The Mentors Inc. experience with Selina gave me a wonderful way to actively use those areas of myself that I yearned to develop and apply. Now that I've been a Professional Life Coach for 15 years and a Getaway Nanny "Mary Poppins" for 9, I can see that the Mentors Inc. experience was a "neon lights" way for me to listen to my soul and leave office buildings and "life in the fast lane" far far behind.

When I met Selina, I was rewarded with a window into a totally different world than the one I knew. I got to experience life from the point of view of a teenager and life in D.C. I got to learn more about the African-American culture. The nature of our relationship was not to have heavy conversations but rather to share experiences and go on adventures together.  

We went bowling, we went to Wild World Water Park, Selina spent the night in our Silver Spring home and got to meet my husband. Selina and I put on the glitz and went to the Kennedy Center and saw the musical Sarafina about a young black woman's experience in south Africa and how she stood up for her rights. Going clubbing with Selina and her friends was funky fun!

In addition to achieving the Mentors Inc. goal of helping at-risk DC high school students like Selina graduate, Selina and I both grew in ways we had no idea about, until years later when we  reconnected and recently caught up on each other's lives. We are both passionate about children and helping them develop into their best selves. We are both passionate about people and inspiring others as we continually develop ourselves. We both have a very strong faith in God and let ourselves be guided.

The interracial, intergenerational diversity and heart experience we shared was rich! 

My husband Derek has also had a very meaningful relationship as a mentor, one that began when Simon was a 3rd grader and continues to this day. Simon will be 25 in February. The way they have influenced each other's lives makes me teary. An engineer and a business major. Who would've thunk it? 

Derek and Simon have a very different relationship than the one Selina and I have and yet it all boils down to the same thing: paying attention, giving of our time and talent, staying open, tuning in to the other and letting God do the rest. I am thrilled to be reconnected with Selina, even though we live hundreds of miles away, and seeing how our lives have evolved and the impact those little moments we shared and those little seeds that got planted have bloomed!

Thank you for creating and sustaining a program that continues to make all this possible. I bow before you.

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" (Martin Luther King Jr.)