ALUMNI: Martha Blackford (p) and Angela Marshall (m)

Wow, It has been 10 years since we first met. I can remember the moment when I first met you. From the moment we met I knew I wanted to encourage and be a steady support for you on your journey to Womanhood. With you in my life, I quickly realized that I had struck gold.  You had thoughts of where you wanted to go and what you planned to achieve for your life. You set goals yourself and you made every effort to achieve them. I am proud of how well you did in your classes and you seemed to accept the things that have taken place in your life at that time.  But I knew you needed to heal and healing takes time.  I watched you Study hard to get ahead while some teens at your age did negative things that prevent them from achieving things in life. I didn’t have to worry about you going off of your path. I thought how lucky was I to be given a highly motivated child to mentor. What luck I had!!! I am still to this day blessed by your presence.

As our relationship evolved, I often wondered what do I have to offer you? I asked myself how could I make a difference in your life? As we began to know each other I spotted the “little monster” in you. I knew it when I spotted it in you. I struggled with the (“little monster”) myself throughout  my teens and intermittently throughout my adult life. The little monster goes by the name of Low self-esteem. Thoughts of Am I good enough?,  am I pretty enough? and Am I worth anyone’s time?, creeps in and tries it best to destroy our ability to live our best lives. The little monster can have devastating effects on how you see yourself and how you think other people see you. Low self-esteem can sabotage the things that you want for yourself.

Since I knew the effects of low-self-esteem, I made it my duty to make sure you rose above low self-esteem and to ultimately love yourself. Remember what I used to tell you? I told you, there is no one on earth like you. You are special and unique and you must love yourself. I encouraged you to wake up in the morning, and look into the mirror and tell yourself you are worthy of every single day.  Repeat this words to yourself  My  hair, my legs, my skins and my lips are uniquely mine and they are beautiful to me. It is so awesome to see your amazing confidence grow.  You are a beautiful young woman whom I respect very much. You had to overcome a lot and you are still here striving to be the best you can be. My blessing as a mentor is that I have gained another daughter. Martha you are a part of my life forever.  I will never let you go. I am truly proud of all your accomplishments thus far and look forward experiencing many more with you.

The impact of our relationship is that I know you will pass on what I have given you to a beautiful girl who does not know her worth.   You will help her discover hers.