ALUMNI: Leah (R) and Deneen (L)

While speaking with an intern's reference, we learned that the reference had a past connection to Mentors, Inc.!  The intern got the summer job, and we learned how mentoring matches endure the test of time.  Here is our first alumni interview with Leah (mentor) about her and Deneen (protege).

Q1: How long ago were you matched?

A: It was13 years ago that Deneen and I were matched!

Q2. What is your relationship like now?

A: We are close friends, and my protege is like the younger sister that I never had. I have attended all of her graduations: high school, college, and grad school. I even attended her wedding last autumn 2013!

Q3. How did the mentoring program change your life (protégé and mentor)?

A: The mentoring program opened me up to other opportunities working with adolescents and working in the education field. For example, I also volunteered as a tutor with another DC-based nonprofit. As a result, I changed careers to pursue education and professional development in the workplace.

Q4: Anything else you'd like to add?

A: I am impressed with the support and encouragement that Mentors Inc. provides to proteges in their efforts to graduate from high school and prepare for their transitions to life after high school.