ALUMNI: Edward Doxen

S. Renee Smith once said, "When you find your pain, you find your purpose", and I live by this motto each day. My academic, professional and personal endeavors all correspond with it. Using the unfortunate experiences that my peers and I had to face during our adolescent years as motivation and knowledge to impact undeserved youth and communities across America is my top priority.

Mentoring has helped me become a better student, leader and man. It has revealed skills that I never imagined I was capable of performing. Mentoring is a lifetime commitment, and it is why I am now a mentor myself, to countless individuals in my life. I recently lost a mentee yesterday to a car accident. She was 20 years old, Thalya Crawford, a junior at Delaware State University majoring in social work. As I reflect on our relationship, it hurts to know that she is gone, but I am happy I was able to serve in her life for the time that God allowed me to. I saw her dreams and goals begin to unfold as a result of her drive and determination. Support Mentors, Inc. to connect more young people with mentors.