Daija: From Maybe to Yes!

With a baby on the way, Daija did not plan to get her high school diploma.  But when asked how having a Mentors, Inc. mentor changed her life, she listed: set a good example, helped with school, was more like a sister than a mother, helped her get ready for college, was someone she could respect, helped her life be less stressful.  Daija did graduate in June 2013 and she now says, “give a mentor a chance before knocking them down; don’t judge a book by the cover; keep positive; don’t be afraid to talk; accept a mentor who can tell you about yourself truthfully.”  With diploma in hand and college in process, she now has a vision for her future:  “I’d like to major in business, be an entrepreneur, and serve kids who are not wards of the state, because they don’t get what they deserve. They need help, but get no special services.”  Seeing the future changes everything.