Most people are surprised when we tell them that we have a waiting list of students ready to match.  In fact, when we visit public and charter schools, it's not uncommon for a whole class to submit applications for mentors.  There's a misconception that many students in D.C. schools don't want to go to college... But when we ask them to raise their hands, in a class of 30, most hands go up.  Hands go down when we ask students how many know what it takes to get into college.

Enter Mentor X.  Mentor X is you, wondering if now is the time to change a life.  There is no question that we need you.  There is no question that students are waiting.  And most of you tell us you've been thinking about it for ages.  If you're reading this, consider that we've gotten you half way to changing a life.  The rest is up to you.

Read about the many experiences that are part of Mentors, Inc., about students, mentors, graduates, alumni, and supporters who all believe in the power of mentoring.  Then, decide when it's time for you to make magic happen.

  1. Meet Jeremiah

    Name: Jeremiah Mentor: David From: District of Columbia, Ward 7 School: HD Woodson Senior High School  Matched since: November, 2014 A...

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  2. Meet Raven W.

    Name: Raven Mentor: Dana From: District of Columbia, Ward 7 School: Eastern Senior High School Matched since: October, 2014 A Mentor is: “A...

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  3. It’s a Match!

    You’ve been wondering what it would be like to have a mentor for a while now.  Every month at Mentors, Inc., a few new students meet their...

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  4. Asif and Andrew: Working it Out

    What can happen in the first six months of a mentoring relationship? Many jump right in like best buddies and begin having fun experiences...

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  5. JB and Trevaughn: If At First You Don’t Succeed

    What happens when mentoring matches don’t work as planned?  We matched JB with one student, and then another, with both ending prematurely...

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  6. Christina: Mentoring Full-Circle

    Christina (left, pictured with her mother) is a shining example of the full-circle we dream of when we pair D.C. teens with mentors.  Almost 17...

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  7. Shalonda: Staying on Path

    Shalonda and her family experienced the hard realities of homelessness, moving five times during Shalonda’s senior year.  School helped...

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  8. Daija: From Maybe to Yes!

    With a baby on the way, Daija did not plan to get her high school diploma.  But when asked how having a Mentors, Inc. mentor changed her life,...

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