Most people are surprised when we tell them that we have a waiting list of students ready to match.  In fact, when we visit public and charter schools, it's not uncommon for a whole class to submit applications for mentors.  There's a misconception that many students in D.C. schools don't want to go to college... But when we ask them to raise their hands, in a class of 30, most hands go up.  Hands go down when we ask students how many know what it takes to get into college.

Enter Mentor X.  Mentor X is you, wondering if now is the time to change a life.  There is no question that we need you.  There is no question that students are waiting.  And most of you tell us you've been thinking about it for ages.  If you're reading this, consider that we've gotten you half way to changing a life.  The rest is up to you.

Read about the many experiences that are part of Mentors, Inc., about students, mentors, graduates, alumni, and supporters who all believe in the power of mentoring.  Then, decide when it's time for you to make magic happen.

  1. ALUMNI: Martha Blackford (p) and Angela Marshall (m)

    Wow, It has been 10 years since we first met. I can remember the moment when I first met you. From the moment we met I knew I wanted to encourage and...

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  2. ALUMNI: Torren Cooper

    My mentoring relationship with Dick Walker has given me the self-confidence I need to set and achieve social, academic and career goals and live up to...

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  3. ALUMNI:  Shalonda Carmichael

    I am so eager to be typing this essay right now. I feel that I have grown so much as a young woman. I started North Carolina Central University in...

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  4. ALUMNI: Edward Doxen

    S. Renee Smith once said, "When you find your pain, you find your purpose", and I live by this motto each day. My academic, professional and...

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  5. ALUMNI: Morgaine (M) and Selina (P)

    A letter from mentor alumna Morgaine: When I met Selina in the late 1980s, I was involved in the career of commercial real estate. As I look back, 27...

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  6. INTERN 2014: Laura Lee Burkett

    [Written by Kristin Underwood, Program Advisor – Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service]   Laura Lee Burkett is a rising senior...

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  7. ALUMNI: Ni’matul-ain Muhammad (‘10)

    (A letter from Mentors, Inc. class of '10 alumna, and 2014 college graduate!)   Dear Mentor’s Inc. Four years ago I was awarded a...

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  8. ALUMNI: Leah (R) and Deneen (L)

    While speaking with an intern's reference, we learned that the reference had a past connection to Mentors, Inc.!  The intern got the summer...

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  9. MENTOR SPOTLIGHT: Shelly Mulkey

    Shelly Mulkey is Assistant Attorney General for the District of Columbia, and is taking her mentoring role seriously!  She has had seven meet-ups...

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