Sasha Johnson: Teen Author

Sasha Johnson is a newly-matched protege at Mentors, Inc., but now a veteran teen co-author of The Airplane Effect, published in Septemer 2013 and available at Amazon! 

In the story, “A young boy struggles with the effects of cancer and dreams of a more normal life. These are the simple components of the emotional story written by teen authors Marc, Sasha, Angelo, and Sean. Experienced in working with young people, these teens uncovered the most important aspect of childhood: play. Their young main character, stuck inside due to his illness, simply wants to have fun. Frustrated, he throws a paper airplane out the window. What happens next? You’ll have to read it to find out! A young girl, a special plane, and the power of play come together in this heart-warming story."  The four teen authors of this story are part of an innovative program run by Reach Incorporated. Reach creates confident readers and capable leaders by training teens to teach, creating academic benefit for both tutors and students. 

Sasha attends Perry Street Prep Public Charter School in Washington, DC. Her favorite subjects are math and English, and her hobbies include singing, dancing, cheerleading, and shopping -- and we were thrilled to add to that list, writing!  She aspires to be either a model, a lawyer, or a member of a professional dance troop.  Though a published writer by the time she was matched with a mentor in September 2013, Sasha saw having a mentor as an asset.  She describes a mentor as “someone who helps you stay out of trouble, talks to you, and guides you on the right path.”  Matched with mentor Sheryl Perkins, Sasha is now beginning a new journey of discovery.