Press Release: Leadership Transition!

MENTORS, INC. TRANSITIONS EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP AND EXPLORES ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES FOR THE FUTURE WASHINGTON, DC, October 3, 2018 -- Mentors, Inc., the first mentoring program in Washington, DC, announced that long-time executive director, Deirdre Bagley, will transition out of the role over the next few months. The Board of Directors expressed its deepest gratitude to Deirdre for her 10 years as Mentors, Inc.’s ED in service to some of the community’s most deserving students, and for Deirdre’s commitment to help the board as Mentors, Inc. goes through this transition. The board is committed to continuing the great work Mentors, Inc. has accomplished in its 30-year history, and will spend time during the transition to determine the best strategic outcome that will yield the most impact for the students we serve. Mentors, Inc. will continue to serve its existing mentee protégés during this period, including by recruiting and training new mentors, and adding additional career site locations.

Last year, Mentors, Inc. celebrated its 30th anniversary and launched its new focus on career exploration with STEM to make sure DC students are not left out of the 21st century job market. This new focus, timed with Deirdre’s exit after 10 years of service, is viewed as a natural evolution in the organization’s 30-year life cycle. In addition to planning for a leadership transition, the Board of Directors will simultaneously explore all options for scaling, from partnerships to mergers, and is inviting interested organizations in for discussion, while seeking out natural collaborations.

After 10 years leading the social enterprise to its new STEM focus for 8-12th graders in public district and charter schools, along with increased data accountability, Bagley concluded, “In 1989, Mentors, Inc.’s founders were pioneers bringing one-on-one mentoring to Washington, D.C. For our 30th anniversary, there’s a need to reach the many students who are not yet engaged in STEM if we’re to ever meet local and national workforce priorities. The difference is that this time, we’re pioneering our efforts with other organizations, and that’s something to celebrate.

The organization has already built an impressive lineup of career site visit partners such as Microsoft, National Geographic, CoStar, the Women’s Museum, the DuPont Veterinary Clinic, and others. It continues to use a research-based, best practices approach to mentoring to benefit its students, most who graduate high school and go to college, many the first in their families to do so.

Board of Directors Chair, Stephanie DeLong, added, “Mentors, Inc. now offers an opportunity few students receive: career site visits to 10 or more employers each year, including site tours, conversations with employees in three distinct job roles, a challenge assignment, and employer career coaching. This is an unmatched opportunity that should be available to all students. And we’re looking for partners to work with us to make access a reality for the youth of Washington, D.C.

About Mentors, Inc.: Mentors, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides mentoring and career/STEM exploration to public district and charter school 8-12th graders in Washington, D.C. and improves graduation rates and students’ outlook for the future.

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