Partnering With DCPS for EMOC

A Special Announcement: Empowering Males of Color

On January 21, DCPS announced this groundbreaking initiative, and selected Mentors, Inc. as a mentoring lead for helping males of color succeed!  Read the announcement below.

(From DC Public Schools, Wednesday, January 21, 2015)

Today, we announced an exciting new initiative: Empowering Males of Color (EMOC).  Through EMOC, District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) will take a close look at the challenges and successes Black and Latino males experience from pre-K to Grade 12. We will work with the community, as well as school and district leaders to find ways to make school more exciting, increase academic success, and prepare our males of color for college, careers and life beyond DCPS.  We’ll do this by:

• Engaging: Work with the community to provide mentors to our male students of color
• Improving: Award funds to schools that have promising approaches to improving academic success
• Innovating: Open a new all-male high school that seeks 100% admission to four-year universities

How you can get involved:  

MENTOR! Our goal is 500 mentors for 500 students.  You don’t need to be a superstar. You don’t need to be perfect. All you need is a desire to see a student succeed and the commitment to get him there.  SIGN UP TO BE A MENTOR!

ENGAGE! Check out our website at and join the conversation using #EMOC.

(For more information, see The Washington Post story from January 21, 2015, D.C. schools to invest $20 million in efforts to help black and Latino male students.)