Graduation, At Last!

All of our high school seniors graduated this year!   We’re shouting because not all planned or cared to, so they say.  But as adults we know how graduation impacts their future and their confidence, and their mentors helped them see that too, even down to the last minute, when soon-be graduates entered the graduation celebration in May. 

Graduates were surprised to find each had a specially-designed table with their business cards and resumes, and memorabilia reflecting their personal interests.  Our graduating seniors were tasked to network with guests in the room for a contest, collecting business cards after making introductions and talking about themselves.  We weren’t sure how this would play out, knowing most of our teens had never done this before.  But five minutes into the challenge, our seniors had the room buzzing with energy, telling their stories and dreams to previous strangers who were now friends.  By the time the evening was over, our teens were overwhelmed with the love and generosity we surrounded them with, the offers of support they received from guests, and the fully-loaded laptops and carrying bags we presented for their college careers.  Our graduates’ mentors were there to help our teens navigate the room for a day, and spent years helping their protégés see their potential. 

At the end of the day, 100% graduation is something we can all cheer about.