Executive Director Awarded!

On May 22, Family Matters of Greater Washington presented the Mary Alice Stoddard Award for Community Service to Mentors, Inc. executive director, Deirdre Bagley, at its Annual Award Fundraiser!  The award recognizes exemplary leadership and service that improves individual, family and community life. 

At the podium, Ms. Bagley introduced the audience to a few Mentors, Inc. teens by briefly telling their stories of success and challenge.  She ended with the example of a teen whose parents are heavily involved with his education, his community in Cameroon involved with teaching him about manhood, and how that impacts the teen's keen focus on his educational path. "Parents are still the first teachers, and we still need for families and communities to teach our young leaders what it means to be a man or woman before they learn it on their own," she said. 

Thank you to the many supporters of Family Matters' 132-year mission for raising the issue of mentoring through this recognition.  Ms. Bagley accepted the award on behalf of the over 4,000 volunteer mentors and teens who have stepped up since the organization's founding in 1987.