Alumni Share for Holiday Greeting

Support Mentoring This Holiday Season

Seasons Greetings! For the holidays, I usually share a story about a teen in our program, a young person rocking their own personal boat through the challenging waves of everyday life. This year, I feel moved by our alumni -- young people who discovered their own personal fortitude and were often surprised by their ability to navigate through educational, social, economic, political, and other waters. What they all have in common is the need for support -- something we all need and have all received by asking, or by having a blessing come magically from someone who cared, maybe last minute, sometimes anonymously. Whether you supported our teens over the years in deed or with best wishes, you helped them graduate from high school and go to college, many the first in their families to achieve higher education. This season of giving, no stories from me. Our Mentors, Inc. alumni can share on their own. May their dreams inspire you to do more. Happy Holidays!

--Deirdre Bagley, Executive Director

S. Renee Smith once said, "When you find your pain, you find your purpose", and I live by this motto each day. My academic, professional and personal endeavors all correspond with it. Using the unfortunate experiences that my peers and I had to face during our adolescent years as motivation and knowledge to impact undeserved youth and communities across America is my top priority. Mentoring has helped me become a better student, leader and man. It has revealed skills that I never imagined I was capable of performing. Mentoring is a lifetime commitment, and it is why I am now a mentor myself, to countless individuals in my life. I recently lost a mentee yesterday to a car accident. She was 20 years old, Thalya Crawford, a junior at Delaware State University majoring in social work. As I reflect on our relationship, it hurts to know that she is gone, but I am happy I was able to serve in her life for the time that God allowed me to. I saw her dreams and goals begin to unfold as a result of her drive and determination. Support Mentors, Inc. to connect more young people with mentors.      --Edward

I am so eager to be typing this essay right now. I feel that I have grown so much as a young woman. I started North Carolina Central University in 2013, and feel there is so much to accomplish in so little time. I've had the opportunity to test my limits. I have learned from professors to take something positive from trying new things. Even while working 35 hours some weeks, I can proudly say I received five A's and one B. My mentor and the Mentors, Inc. scholarship have helped, and remind me that I have people cheering for me. Donate to Mentors, Inc. to help other high school students have the experience of a mentor in their lives.  -- Shalonda

My mentoring relationship with Dick Walker has given me the self-confidence I need to set and achieve social, academic and career goals and live up to my fullest potential. After I complete my Masters of Divinity at Howard University, my dream is to work in a career field that allows me to improve the socioeconomic status of low-income families residing in urban communities. Please donate to Mentors, Inc. to help boost the dreams of other young men and women. --Torren

Four years ago I was awarded a scholarship to fund my education. I do not come from a wealthy family so I work hard to receive scholarships. Receiving the Mentor's Inc. Award is a tremendous honor. I have big plans for the future and the education I receive at Morgan State has helped me along. Some of my goals are to open a historically black art college and show people how to use their creativity to do positive things. Without my mentor and Mentors, Inc., I'm not sure I could have had such an enlightening and financial stress-free journey. I deeply appreciate their generosity. Other teens need your support, so Donate Now!   -- Ni' Matul-ain