Match Parties




When a teenager and mentor meet each other for the first time, they do so at a Mentors, Inc. Match Party! Not only is this a time for the two to celebrate their new relationship, it is also a time for them to lay the foundation of their new relationship and meet other newly matched pairs. The goal of the Match Party is to create a fun, informal, yet structured space for all newly matched pairs to meet, get to know each other, and begin their journey ahead. Match Parties are facilitated by staff, who engage each teenager and mentor in get-to-know-you games, remind them of programmatic expectations and requirements, and wish them well. At the end of each Match Party, each teenager and mentor takes their very first picture together.

Parents/legal guardians, and other relatives or friends of the teenager, are encouraged to meet their teenager’s new mentor at the beginning of the Match Party, then to give the newly matched pair the time and space they need to foster a one-to-one relationship.

Match parties are held in the conference room at the Mentors, Inc. office on a week day from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. The dates change monthly.  Refreshments and music are provided. For more information, please contact Program Manager, Rameka Blakey at 202-495-3761, or email her at