Our Team

Deirdre Bagley, Executive Director, dbagley@mentorsinc.org, 202-495-3760

Deirdre Bagley joined Mentors, Inc. in February 2009. She has spent her career serving nonprofits with membership from 60 to 100,000 managing programs, operations, special events, student and regional programs, training, human resources, executive and event speech writing and video scripting, and organizational development. Environments include higher education, computer science, legislative advocacy, and workforce development; she has consulted with public and private organizations in leadership development and strategic planning; and she helped found a youth leadership program in Prince George's County, MD.  She has volunteered with youth and college student mentoring, youth and adult literacy tutoring, and Court Appointed Special Advocates.  She is proud to be a native Washingtonian.  She has a Master's Degree in Human Resources Development from Bowie State University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University.

Frenchie Davis, Program Director, fdavis@mentorsinc.org, 202-495-3762

Frenchie Davis joined Mentors, Inc. in 2017.  She was born into a family that cherished youth advocacy.  Modeling her family's lifestyle she developed a passion for community outreach. Davis successfully managed programs ranging from domestic violence, AIDS/HIV, to school enrichment. She has combined her expertise in social services with her Masters of Education in Human Sexuality. Now a master facilitator, speaker, and development strategist she advances her career in youth mentorship. Frenchie believes there is a way to entertain, educate, and enhance the emotional, social, and academic intelligence of young people on the horizon of adulthood.  Frenchie offers her community a passport to understanding how emotional health impacts spiritual, social, and sexual development. She understands how imperative it is to dissect, evaluate and engender daily positive interactions to create an environment that youth can value, thrive, and build successful livelihoods.  Frenchie is a board member for the Incarnation Institute of Sex and Faith (IISF). She collaborates with several organizations from 100 Black Men, DC Public Schools, Metro Teen AIDS, the National Council for Black Studies, The College of Black Studies at the College of Charleston, and in 2015, was a research scholar at the Cuba Delegation for Race, Culture, Gender, and Sexuality. Wherever she works, she promotes a message of social-emotional intelligence and community activism.

Rameka Blakey, Program Manager, rblakey@mentorsinc.org, 202-495-3761

Rameka joined Mentors, Inc. in 2012, and has administration and director experience in youth counseling, development, and leadership programs delivering excellence in the areas of academic enrichment, mental health, empowerment, diversity, and community service.  She creates programs to help strengthen individuals and leaders, positioning them to compete in top work environments, become agents of social change, and productive citizens.  Notable leadership includes director of student life at Achievement First Bridgeport Academy in Bridgeport, CT, where she developed the first-ever advanced skills enrichment program, managed student life, and increased student involvement in 5th through 8th grades; director of Kids Klub, Inc. in North Providence, RI, where she managed curriculum, fundraising, and staff for this after school program; and director of Providence Summerbridge, managing after school, Saturday, tutoring, and administrative operations.  Additional experience includes serving as respite worker with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families; mental health counselor; and case manager for early intervention and pediatric rehabilitation.  Rameka has volunteered with Big Sisters; as team leader training teachers on new curriculum at Strong Tower Ministries; and served on the Director’s Council for the Breakthrough Collaborative in San Francisco.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Roger Williams University, and training in youth work and crisis prevention.

Amy McPherson, Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accounting for Change, led by Amy McPherson, has 15 years in the top financial management position for a number of nonprofit organizations ranging in budget from $8 million to $50 million.  She holds an MBA from Columbia University, and has experience with audits, accounting systems, internal controls, reporting, policies and procedures, and GAAP and Federal funding compliance.


Mentors, Inc. is a one-program operation, with varied activities and initiatives supporting the mentoring of DC teens for their successful graduation from high school and enrollment in higher education.  Our team includes scores of mentor volunteers who carry out the mission daily, and extend our ability to reach DC young people to help them on the road to their full potential.


Mentors, Inc. employs two to six program, development, external relations, and administrative interns throughout the year.