About Us


Mentoring is an asset for every child's life!  Mentors, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides mentoring support to public and charter high school students in grades 8-12, and improves graduation rates and student's outlook for the future.

High school graduation and college enrollment have been the main objective of our mentoring intervention.  At the 30th anniversary of Mentors, Inc.'s founding, we've reinvented our program to a focus on career technical exploration and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) during the student's mentoring year.  Our teens achieve the following results because of caring volunteers who carry out our research-based program model:

  • At least 90% of our seniors graduate from high school, compared to 70% of their D.C. peers.
  • At least 80% of our seniors enroll in college, compared to 29% of their D.C. peers, or as few as 5% from the higher-need wards of the city.
  • At least 86% of our 9th graders advance to 10th grade.
  • New! All of our students are exposed to a variety of careers and STEM, and increase interest in STEM.

We have provided mentors for students enrolled in Washington, D.C.’s public senior high schools since 1987.  The organization was founded by a parent and a principal – Shayne Schneider and Betty Brooks – who recognized the powerful untapped resource that the large pool of highly educated professionals in D.C. represented for students in the city’s public schools.  

Since the start, our goal has been to help our students graduate from high school and go on to college, to open up a lifetime of possibilities.  Now, we're helping them consider careers for their future.  And we do this using the research-based best practices of MENTOR National Mentoring Partnership, which advocates for mentoring nation-wide.  Need more inspiration?  View a video on the value of mentoring, or a video case for the importance of STEM in after-school programming.  


Our teens are fabulous, talented and full of potential, and mentors help expand their horizons.  Join us in helping them become who they were born to be!